ARTSA event update

The Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) will hold a dedicated Brake ADR and Brake Code Meeting on Friday, 7 August, at the VTA Boardroom in Port Melbourne.

The meeting will discuss the proposed changes to ADR35 and ADR38 and consider the final version of the ARTSA Brake Code. In addition, it will also give an opportunity to update the progress with ARTSA Change Proposals.

The Association’s Quarterly Meeting, meanwhile, has been rescheduled from 30 August to 21 August due to a clash with a Brake Testing event held at DECA Shepparton from 27-30 August and an ADR Certification Workshop held at Lifesaving Victoria, Port Melbourne.

The Quarterly Meeting will now be held at the VTA Training Room in Port Melbourne and commence at 12.30pm.

Agenda according to ARTSA:

  • Operation Hazard: Outcome of the VicRoads roadworthy blitz that points to a chronic lack of maintenance. ARTSA has agreed to work with VicRoads to improve maintenance outcomes. A team of VicRoads enforcement and TSS staff will be in attendance
  • Braking calculator: ARTSA has sponsored a Monash student to develop this calculator. It will be demonstrated in the meeting and, according to Peter Hart is one of the best braking tools he has seen for some time
  • Aerodynamics project update: Monash is making progress and we will hear more on this in the meeting

To attend an ARTSA event, email Rob Perkins.

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