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A new name in specialist automotive parts, NAPA Auto Parts, is poised to become the most comprehensive aftermarket distributor in the country.

At present NAPA Auto Parts is considered the world’s largest supplier of automotive parts and accessories with more than 6,000 Auto Parts stores and 57 distribution centres throughout North America.

In Australia, the internationally recognised aftermarket brand has branches in 17 locations across Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. New Zealand will get its first NAPA Auto Parts store later in the year.

The GPC Asia Pacific group, which includes Ashdown-Ingram, Appco, Repco, Autostop and Sulco, added, NAPA Auto Parts, to its extensive portfolio in April last year when it first launched the brand at the 2019 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo.

Under the arrangement, Ashdown-Ingram and other trade and specialist businesses are transitioning to NAPA Auto Parts as it caters to the aftermarket for commercial, industrial and mining specialists in Australia and New Zealand.

This will likely make it the most comprehensive aftermarkets part distributor in the region. The company already plans on adding another 120 NAPA Auto Parts locations before the decade is over.

Backed by what it calls NAPA Know How, a philosophy of service in which specialist knowledge ensures the ‘right part, every time’, NAPA Auto Parts brings together a pedigree of 90 years of experience in the Australian automotive aftermarket through the GPC Asia Pacific brands.

The compelling offering leveraged, no less from a comprehensive range of products and leading brands, makes it a major drawcard for current GPC businesses.

“For our trade customers, we provide the widest range of aftermarket parts on a time-critical basis, along with solutions to help our customers run their business, helping to keep workshops and stores productive,” says a NAPA Auto Parts spokesperson. “We pride ourselves on providing the best B2B tools, technical solutions and genuine customer service. Our retail customers enjoy the benefits of our exceptional supply chain, industry expertise and extensive store network, which provides unmatched convenience across all of Australia and New Zealand, both in large metro areas and more remote locations.”

As a specialist aftermarket parts destination, NAPA Auto Parts boasts a range that includes 4×4 solutions, brakes, starter motors, alternators, compressors, condensers, EFI modules, engine management tools, under-bonnet and under-body components, workshop tools and equipment, workshop consumables, filters, lubricants, belts and shock absorbers.

GPC Asia Pacific has indicated it will invest significantly into NAPA Auto Parts to enhance the product offer and service experience for its customers with improved storage for more products and brands chief among its objectives.

The company says additional increases in inventory demonstrate it is serious about providing the parts its customers need, more often, to complete jobs in a more convenient location.

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