April’s Commercial Vehicle Registrations

The Truck Industry Council reports that the number of new commercial vehicle registrations for the month of April was a total of 2,383 units, resulting in a total for the first four months of the year of 9,160.

The prime mover and cab-chassis sector result of 2,045 new registrations during April, takes the year to date total to 7,993 which is 5.3 per cent more than for the same period last year.

The Heavy Duty Sector sales were down compared to the previous month of March with 819 new trucks for April and year to date the category is 7.7 per cent larger than last year.  The figures indicate a slight slowing of the growth in HD but possibly many buyers are holding off until the Brisbane Truck Show to place their orders.

Kenworth sold 194 new trucks for the month and continues to be 13 per cent above last year’s results. Overall Isuzu continues its decades of domination and has sold 2025 trucks so far this year and maintains a 25 per cent share of the cab/chassis and prime mover market.

The big improver in the HD category has been Freightliner which so far this year has sold almost twice as many new trucks as it did in the first four months of 2012 (271 compared with 139).

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