Angus Draheim appointed NHVR Assistant Project Director

The ATA has appointed the Assistant Project Director of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) project, Angus Draheim, as a member of the TruckSafe Industry Accreditation Council (TIAC).

TIAC’s primary role is to review and make recommendations about operators wishing to enter or renew with the TruckSafe industry accreditation program. TIAC also makes recommendations to the TruckSafe Board to improve TruckSafe standards and audits.

Angus joined the Queensland Department of Transport in 2001, and has been involved in vehicle, freight and safety engineering roles. Before joining the NHVR project office, he held the roles of Assistant Director of Vehicles and Road Use, and Director of Freight and Vehicle Systems Strategy.

TIAC is chaired by Professor Michael Coper, the Dean of Law at the Australian National University. “I’d like to welcome Angus to the council, and look forward to working with him,” Michael said. “He’s very well qualified to carry on the important work of TIAC in promoting high safety standards and best practice in the trucking industry.”

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