Altus Traffic receives 100th Hino

In a milestone handover, traffic management company, Altus Traffic, has taken delivery of its 100th Hino truck.

Hino Australia delivered three new vehicles to Altus Traffic, which saw the fleet grow to 74 light duty Hino 300 Series trucks, and now 27 medium duty Hino 500 Series trucks, taking the total Hino fleet to 101.

Hino Australia Chairman and CEO, Steve Lotter, and Hino Australia General Manager Brand and Franchise Development, Bill Gillespie, handed the keys to the 100th Hino to Altus Traffic’s Executive General Manager – Systems & Innovation, Trevor McBay.

All of the 500 Series trucks are fitted with Traffic Management Attenuator (TMA) bodies, with the latest trio of wide cab GH1828 chassis specified with automatic transmissions.

“The message that we are putting across to the industry, and our partners, is that we’ve partnered with Hino to get the safest TMA on the road,” said McBay.

“The three recently delivered TMAs are the first in Australia that have Vehicle Stability Control (VSC).

VSC is fitted as standard across the 500 Series Wide Cab range. Working in conjunction with the brake and engine control systems, VSC helps prevent the truck from potentially rolling over when entering a corner too fast by monitoring the steering angle, wheel rotation speed, yaw rate and lateral G forces.

The VSC can take the appropriate action required such as reducing engine power and/or applying individual brakes with the intent of keeping the vehicle upright and safe.

Other standard safety features include anti-lock braking system (ABS), anti-slip regulator (ASR), and front underrun protection system, which interacts with the safety systems of passenger vehicles in the event of an accident, while maintaining the integrity of the truck’s steering.

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