Alternative Fuel Summit returns in Melbourne

Hydrogen fuel cell rigid truck from Hyzon Motors on display in Melbourne.

Initial presenters for the Alternative Fuel Summit 2023 have been announced by the Victorian Transport Association.

The event, to be held at Hyatt Place, Essendon Field, revolves around the theme of decarbonising the road freight industry.

Now in its second year, the Alternative Fuel Summit will include presentations by fleets, OEMs, energy suppliers and policymakers to explore how the transport, freight and logistics industry can embrace alternative fuels while also meeting the growing freight needs of the nation.

The program has been designed around four sessions that address the key components of ensuring a successful transition to low and zero emitting forms of fuel.

Targets and Regulation will feature experts in their field explaining the challenges ahead and how the Government plans on working with the industry to reach the national emissions target.

The Alternative Fuel Sources session will explore some of the innovative forms of energy that promise to power the industry in the near future.

Attendees will then hear from Equipment manufacturers on how they are leading the way and embracing new technology to deliver more sustainable and fit-for-purpose vehicles.

The final session, Commercial Realities of Alternative Fuels, will examine the practicalities of the transition from those at the coalface.

“After the success of last year’s Summit, we are excited to present the progress that has been made and to provide a comprehensive update on the current – and future – state of the transition,” said Peter Anderson, VTA CEO.

“The transport industry must start to prepare and now is the time for freight and logistics operators to get ahead of the curve.

“Our panel of experts from the energy and equipment sector, government regulators, academics, climate economists and others will ensure all attendees walk away with a deep understanding of the realities we’re facing and the opportunities that our out there.”

Presenters will include Professor Russell Thompson, from the University of Melbourne’s Department of Infrastructure Engineering, NewVolt, Viva Energy Australia, Volvo Group Australia, Hyzon Motors, Team Global Express and more.

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