ALRTA points out differences between regional and urban work

The recently held National Remote and Regional Transport Infrastructure and Services Forum hosted by the NT Government in Alice Springs brought together a comprehensive list of stakeholders.

As well as rural leading transport industry leaders, the Forum was also attended by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure, the NT Chief Minister, NT Minister for Transport and a host of senior officials from QLD, WA, SA and NT.

Participants considered the unique circumstances in remote and regional Australia and looked at the role of transport in encouraging economic and social development.

Among other things, the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters' Association (ALRTA) said it put across its case for regulations to recognise the differences between operating in remote and regional areas compared with urban areas; realistic fatigue laws and infrastructure to assist in animal and driver welfare standards; reduced government charges to compensate for higher running costs on poorer roads; as well as improved access for HPVs in regional areas.

Outcomes were reported to the Ministerial Council on Transport and Infrastructure meeting the following day.

“The ALRTA will be lobbying to ensure that the push for improvements in remote and regional areas is not just another talk-fest and produces real results for operators and their communities,” the Association said in its newsletter.

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