Allison helps keep Berlin streets clean

Over 620 CNG refuse collection trucks with Allison fully automatic transmissions are helping to keep Berlin’s streets clean.

The fleet is owned by the largest municipal waste disposal company in Germany, Berliner Stadtreinigung, and is one of the largest Allison-equipped vehicle fleets in Europe.

The vehicles service an area of 892km² (bigger than Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart together), with more than 3.45 million inhabitants and approximately 10 million tourists per year.

Berliner Stadtreinigung operates around 1100 vehicles which manage waste disposal, street cleaning and winter road maintenance services.

626 of these vehicles are equipped with Allison 1000 and 3000 Series automatic transmissions.

“Fully automatic transmissions offer numerous advantages in heavy stop-start traffic in Berlin. They are a big relief for our drivers, and in the long run the initial investment saves significant cost. The torque converter, which replaces the traditional dry clutch used in manual or automated manual gearboxes, is a component not subject to wear. It doesn't have to be replaced for the whole vehicle life,” explains Product Manager at Berliner Stadtreinigung, Kai Groth.

“Using fully automatic transmissions has saved us approximately 1500 clutch replacements over the last 10 years,” added Mr Groth.

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