Allied Express driver champions new Isuzu

Jack Singh of Allied Express.

A new Isuzu FSR 140-260 is proving its worth for a long-serving driver at Allied Express.

That driver, Jack Singh, is an independent contractor, who has been working with Allied Express for 17 years

As he primarily deals in delivering goods on large pallets, Singh opted for a longer wheelbase on the truck, a 2022 model purchased from Dwyers Truck Center, at nine metres with a clearance of 2.6 metres.

In addition to choosing an automatic transmission, he also replaced the suspension with an airbag suspension controlled from the cab to better navigate his way through city traffic.

“It’s a fantastic truck,” he said.

“I wanted this specific body length and size which makes it perfect for my everyday routine.”

Sleek media doors for the back of the truck were chosen for a cleaner, more professional look.

“When you drive metro, you need something that’s not too big or too difficult to move around, something that can easily get into car parks, handle tight corners and run around the city all day,” said Singh.

“The FSR fits into almost any dock, any car park and you dance around corners” he said.

“In my opinion, the FSR is one of the best trucks for Sydney metro that we’ve got at the moment.”

Singh moved to Australia 20 years ago from Fiji where he grew up and his father had a few Isuzu NPR trucks.

These evidently left a good impression on him.

The new Isuzu FSR 140-260 is rated to 14 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass and 21 tonnes Gross Combined Mass.

The extra payload means fewer trips back to base and less time spent on each route.

Anti-Lock Braking System, Anti-Skid Regulator and Cab Tilt Warning come as standard safety features on the truck.

Singh’s day starts at about 4am and can take him all over Sydney and sometimes out into country New South Wales. He primarily delivers car parts.

“I’ve got a six-year warranty on this new truck and a service agreement from the dealer,” said Singh.

“This means that if I get a job overnight, I just have to put the keys in the ignition and away I go and I know that I’m covered anywhere in Australia with the nationwide warranty.

“That is a big advantage that should be considered by anyone who’s thinking about buying a truck, you’re paying for that comfort and peace of mind.”

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