Allens Freight continues to invest in Isuzu

Warrnambool newspaper distribution company, Allens Freight, has taken delivery of a new Isuzu FRR 500 to cope with the rising customer demands.

According to Operations Manager, Richard Allen, the company has long been a purchaser Isuzu trucks, which makes up a vast number of its fleet.

“The best thing about the Isuzu trucks is their reliability. We still have some Isuzus dating back to 1996 that have now been retired into local applications,” he said.

“Our most recent purchase, the Isuzu FRR 500, has proven to be brilliant. We purchased it to accommodate our increasing workload.

“We will continue to add more Isuzu trucks to our fleet in the future. We currently have an Isuzu Giga 455 on order. We believe if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. That’s why we continue to invest in Isuzu products.”

Allens Freight currently runs a fleet of 20 Isuzu trucks, ranging from the smaller NKR 200 Flat Low to the Giga EXY model. 

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