All the Right Moves

New generation MAN TGX.

An industry leader in truck relocations, Truck Moves Australia has moved, since it began business in 1988, well over 500,000 trucks for dealers, fleet managers and many others in and around industry all over Australia.

“If you sell trucks or manage a fleet of them, you know how hard it is to get them moved from one place to another without costing your people and business time, money and hassle,” says Matt Whitnall, Director, Truck Moves Australia.

“When you call our expert operations team, you’ll be in good hands to get your trucks moved smoothly and safely anywhere in Australia.”

Truck Moves Australia boasts a truly national network that helps to set it apart.

Hundreds of experienced drivers are on stand-by to pick-up a single truck or several of them to get them on the road to wherever they need to go, often on the same day that a booking takes place.

Should an operator or fleet need their new trucks registered along the way, Truck Moves Australia can make life easier by managing that too.

It also offers storage for new trucks at secure locations in capital cities across the country.

Matt says Truck Moves Australia maintains the highest standards of professional and safe conduct to protect the business and reputation of its customers.

“The NHVR Chain of Responsibility means that when you contract a third party to move your trucks, you are responsible for their conduct on the road, and even how they pay their drivers,” he says.

“Our track record speaks for itself, with safety standards that include no night driving.”

According to Matt, Truck Moves Australia drivers enjoy pay rates that are among the best in the industry, complying with the Award and providing hourly pay rates that include travel and waiting time to ensure there are no corners cut when they are moving these most valuable of mobile assets.

Hundreds of truck dealers, fleet managers, logistics companies and others use the services of Truck Moves Australia, notes Matt, to get their trucks where they are needed while saving time, money and hassle.

“Whether you need your trucks moved across town, across the state or across the country, you can rely on the experienced team at Truck Moves Australia to get the job done for you quickly and easily,” he says.

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