All Lift invests in Isuzu FYJ200

Hire sales and repair company All Lift Forks & Access Equipment has purchased three new Isuzu FYJ200 to haul its all-terrain tele-handlers.

A multi-purpose machine with a crane, the tele-handler features a crane mechanism that offers an extended reach and can couple as a forklift or bulldozer. Its versatility, reportedly, facilitates access to difficult-to-reach locations.

As a machinery supplier, All Lift services construction sites, warehouses and shopping centres. According to Mark Gillespie, All Lift NSW State Manager, the undulating terrain of Sydney often poses challenges for construction sites.

“One job we had was positioned at the side of a cliff face. We had to find a way to get bricks down from the ledge and onto the foundation. For that job we used a tele-handler,” said Gillespie.

All Lift employs a staff of 24 people in Sydney and five in Melbourne. Along with the FYJ200 the company also operates an FXL 240-350 6×2 and an FSD 140-260 in their fleet. The 14 tonne and 12 tonne vehicles, respectively, are suited for smaller tasks.

The FYJ, with its twin-steering, provides extra grunt and a gross vehicle mass of 30,000 kg, which is ideal for delivering heavy equipment according to Gillespie.

“Without your own truck you have to rely on a sub-contractor, which presents a cost issue as well as a service provision risk, which is something we can’t afford in our business.”

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