Alemlube launches new product range

Greasing equipment specialist Alemlube has expanded its product range with the introduction of new diesel storage and dispensing kits, as well as a new grease gun.

The new 400L diesel storage and dispensing kits come equipped with lockable lids and consist of a heavy-duty locally designed and manufactured polyethylene 400 litre tank with three different pumping options.

The lockable lid comes with a four-point locking system to ensure pump, nozzle and stored fuel security as well as protection from foreign particle contamination and the elements. The 400L adds to Alemlube’s existing range of 200L, 400L and 600L storage and dispensing kits.

Alemlube also introduced two 400g grease guns with clear barrels; the 220ACB trigger action grease gun and the 200ACB lever action grease gun.

According to the company, both grease guns have clear acrylic barrels that help identify the type of grease cartridge loaded into the gun. Both guns feature lightweight, die-cast aluminium head assemblies with the patented Ever Flow System enabling the use of thick/tacky greases even at low temperatures and the unique Twin Lock System, which prevents false greasing.

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