ALE fits Allison transmissions to prime movers

Heavy-lift transport specialist ALE Australia has modified four of its Kenworth C509 heavy-duty prime movers by fitting fully automatic Allison 4700 transmissions that are specially designed to haul loads of up to 500 tonnes GCM in the Port Hedland and Pilbara region of Western Australia.

According to ALE's General Manager Paul Kelly, the company added the automatic transmissions to ensure the rigs could cope with heavy loads in the region. “Allison automatics offer two major advantages for our heavy haulage contracts, providing us with the required performance as well as helping to manage risk,” he said.

“There is a lot of risk in moving such big loads over vast distances on public roads, and Allison automatics make rigs more driver friendly, enabling drivers to concentrate on steering rather than changing gears, and importantly, synchronizing between prime movers when running in combination.

“In terms of performance, the Allison torque converter multiplies the engine's torque, which really helps when you are starting off with a 350-tonne load onboard. It means the driver doesn't have to ride the clutch and ensures smooth take-off and gear changes. We operate at slow speeds and require high grade-ability over long distances in high heat.”

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