ALCTF releases report

The Australian Low Carbon Transport Forum (ALCTF) this week released the following observations from its expert elicitation process to review options for greenhouse gas reduction in transport and how emissions could be reduced in the sector.

“As a major greenhouse gas emission contributing sector in the economy at 16 per cent of national emissions, transport will need to make a significant contribution to the abatement target,” according to one ALCTF observation.

“The Australian transport industry, researchers and government have in many cases deep knowledge about the issues of environmental sustainability, and individual transport sector greenhouse gas abatement options. However, that knowledge is fragmented due to the diversity and complexity of transport.”

The overall aims of the ALCTF include establishing options that would reduce emissions from transport and examine the challenges and effectiveness of those various options.

A diverse range of participants were recruited to contribute their expertise to the Forum and to provide an opportunity for them to exchange information outside of their usual domain, mode or industry grouping. These included representatives from national and state government, industry, universities and not-for-profit organisations.

The accompanying ALCTF Technical Report supported, amongst other options, greater use of biofuels in transport in Australia as well as the introduction of such hi-tech options like regenerative braking and hybrid commercial vehicles.

The Australian government has adopted a target of an 80 per cent reduction on the 2000 levels of emissions for the Australian economy by 2050.

Established in July 2011, the Australian Low Carbon Transport Forum (ALCTF) is a partnership between Australia's national science and research agency, CSIRO, the ARRB Group and the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE – Department of Infrastructure and Transport). The forums objective is to bring together knowledge on the options for greenhouse gas abatement in the Australian transport sector.

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