ALC welcomes freight backbone in Infrastructure Australia Report

Infrastructure Australia’s ‘Progress and Action’ report to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) goes some way to reversing the long standing trend where freight has been the poor relation of long-term planning, according to the Australian Logistics Council (ALC).

“The report highlights three key national issues for freight – addressing road governance issues; ensuring freight is an integral part of long term planning and land use; and securing a commitment to reform,” says Michael Kilgariff, ALC Managing Director. “These issues have all been highlighted by ALC as priority areas governments and industry must embrace if Australia is to meet its future freight challenges.”

The ALC has backed B-triples being given access to the Hume between New South Wales and Victoria and for governments to increase mass limits on access roads to the Chullora rail terminal.

Kilgariff says governments need to extend the use of B-doubles and B-triples to meet a growing freight task. “As Infrastructure Australia’s report correctly points out, B-triples represent a large upwards step-change in road freight productivity given their load carrying capacity, not to mention their fuel efficiency (per tonne) when compared to standard B-doubles,” Kilgariff says. “In this regard, ALC welcomes Infrastructure Australia’s recommendation for a pilot land freight reform project on the Hume Highway in New South Wales and Victoria to enable high productivity vehicles to use this corridor.”

Kilgariff says the proposal to increase mass limits on access roads to the Chullora terminal is a positive step the ALC hopes will lead to improved access to a larger number of key production facilities.

The report also cites the establishment of national regulators for the road, rail and maritime sectors as “historically significant” and capable of delivering billions of dollars in savings.

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