ALC Annual Forum

One of the highlights of the two-day Forum was a session on Chain of Responsibility and Safety in the Logistics Supply Chain.

Chaired by Ingilby Dickson, General Manager Supply Chain, Blue Scope Steel, leading safety figures from across the supply chain discussed how to strengthen companies’ compliance with their Chain of Responsibility obligations and what else needs to be done to drive improved safety outcomes in the logistics industry.

Ingilby set the scene by throwing down a challenge to all supply chain participants to do more to ensure we do not hurt people in our industry or members of the community. He said industry has made significant progress in recent years to improve safety and compliance, but there is more to do.

The Panel identified a number of key action items that ALC will progress over the coming 12 months. In addition, ALC will incorporate these issues into the workshops and panel sessions that will be held as part of the ALC Supply Chain Safety and Compliance Summit, on 26 & 27 August 2015 at Australian Technology Park, Sydney. They were:

Incorporating a discussion on safety through Australian container ports into the ALC Supply Chain Safety and Compliance Summit.

Reinforcing to Boards the need to include Chain of Responsibility reporting in all Board Papers.

Engaging with other industry groups to explore best practice models to engage with the community on priority freight issues, including raising community awareness that less than a third of crashes involving heavy vehicles are caused by heavy vehicle drivers.

Incorporating into the Safety and Compliance Summit topics focussed on the role of emerging technologies to drive improved safety outcomes.

These action items are in addition to the 17 activities identified at last year’s Supply Chain Safety and Compliance Summit as requiring further work by ALC. These activities, which broadly relate to strengthening the ALC Safety Codes of Practice, Improving Awareness and Information Sharing and focussing ALC advocacy, will also be reported on at the Summit in August. I am also pleased to report that at that ALC Annual Dinner, Ingilby Dickson, who is Chair of the ALC Safety Committee, was announced as an Honorary Fellow of ALC. Ingilby has made an enormous contribution to ALC through his support and development of the National Logistics Safety Code. He is a passionate and tireless advocate for ensuring our workplaces are safe and for companies to take their compliance responsibilities seriously. Congratulations Ingilby.

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