AJM Transport set to deploy 12 new Volvo prime movers

AJM Transport has taken delivery of four new Volvo FH16s, with another eight units to follow.

This order is AJM Transport’s first batch of 2023 deliveries and consists of ten 600hp Volvo FH16s and two 700hp Volvo FH16s, which are all expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

The units will be primarily designated B-double work along the east coast of Australia, with the two FH700s set to operate on the demanding Melbourne and Adelaide leg.

After a 24-month wait, AJM Transport Group General Manager, Dennis Roohan, told Prime Mover the four new FH16s are off to a good start.

“The first four have probably 20,000 kilometres on them now, and so far, so good,” he said.

“They’re quite fuel efficient, very comfortable and very reliable.”

While the prime movers have a couple of differences inside the cabs compared to AJM Transport’s older Volvos, they still have the same engines, gearboxes and rear axles that the fleet has been running for nearly ten years.

“It is a really good, proven package in our fleet,” Roohan said.

“We dabbled in some Volvos back in 2015 and we got a very good run out of them, to the point where we’re just getting out of some of them now.”

Part of the reason the fleet remained committed to the FH16s, Roohan said, was to play it safe.

“Even though most of our work is southern operations, we’d rather give our drivers a bunk and a custom air bunk cooler just in case there’s any accidents,” he said.

“Or, if they have to get held over on the side of the road for seven hours, then they’ve got somewhere they can sleep.”

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