Airportlink M7 extends toll free period

BrisConnections, the operator of Brisbane’s Airportlink M7, has announced that motorists including trucks will receive a bonus two months toll free period in addition to the expected first free month, plus a discount period for up to 15 months after the new 6.7km road and tunnel opens.

BrisConnections CEO, Dr Ray Wilson, said that, as contracted, the first month of travel will be free for all motorists, plus the next two months will be free for motorists who have a valid tolling account with any Australian toll road.

Dr Wilson said that the decision to extend the toll free period to three months and then to discount tolls for a further 12 months was the result of more than one and a half years of extensive consultation with Brisbane motorists and transport organisations.

Airportlink M7 is expected to open in late July, slashing travel times to and from the Brisbane CBD, airport and northern suburbs by up to 20 minutes, or 80 per cent of the journey time. 

According to Wilson, motorists had been clear about a need for a toll free period that allows them to become familiar with where the M7 goes and its entry and exit points. “Clearly it takes time for drivers to become familiar and understand a new road. The extended toll free period, followed by a low introductory toll and gradual ramp up is a first for Australia.”

The Airportlink M7 is Australia’s largest privately funded road infrastructure project. The $5.6 billion tunnel and motorway will be the first major motorway linking Brisbane city to the northern suburbs and the airport precinct.

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