Airbag Man introduces new spring kits

Australian company Airbag Man is introducing a new range of polyurethane ‘Load-Up’ helper spring kits that ware engineered to cut suspension maintenance costs for light commercial vehicles.

The new range of 'Load-Up Helper Kits' – each made for no-drilling installation on all major ranges of 2WD and 4WD leaf sprung light commercial vehicles – are supposed to be ideal for load management and safety applications in fleet, workplace and private use vehicles because they require no inflation or ongoing pressure checks by drivers.

“In addition to reducing suspension fatigue and maintenance costs by assisting the factory suspension, our kits have major driver benefits in reducing the chance of bottoming out and enhancing braking performance through better vehicle stability under load,” said a spokesman for Airbag Man.

“They help prevent sway and enhance braking safety and stability over conditions ranging from highway to Outback.”

According to Airbag Man, the Load-Up kits are a ‘no-fuss – simply fit and forget’ option that complement the range of adjustable air suspensions supplied by Airbag Man as a solution to safety and load handling issues.

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