Agreed Values

Daimler Truck Financial Services is the only truck financier that offers a guaranteed buyback product and it is available across three Daimler Truck brands.

Daimler Truck Financial Services is solely-focused on the commercial vehicle business and its wide range of finance solutions are built on the knowledge that operating a fleet of trucks or buses is very different to running a fleet of passenger vehicles.

As the exclusive provider of financial solutions for Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Freightliner and Fuso trucks and buses in Australia, Daimler Truck Financial Services has extensive knowledge of the local freight industry.

The products and services have been developed in consultation with customers over the years.

Many truck customers were keen to have a guaranteed buyback promise and the peace of mind and certainty it would provide their business.

They also wanted flexibility because, as anyone in the freight business knows, things can change quickly, especially in turbulent times.

With this in mind, Daimler Truck Financial Services came up with a unique product called Daimler Guaranteed Buy Back.

As the name suggests, the central premise of this finance product is that Daimler Truck Financial Services will honour an agreed value of the vehicle at the end of the term.

This is a great feature for many customers, but the benefits of the Guaranteed Buy Back product go beyond this central element.

Customers also have flexibility to respond to the business conditions and make the choice that is right for their business.

At the end of the term, customers can choose to either return the vehicle and walk away, trade in the vehicle and upgrade to the latest model or keep the truck and simply refinance or pay out the agreed remaining amount.

“There simply is no other product in the industry that offers all the benefits of the Daimler Guaranteed Buy Back,” says Daimler Truck Financial Services Chief Executive Officer, Craig Cubitt.

“We are prepared to back Daimler Truck products and give customers peace of mind as well as the unmatched flexibility of the Guaranteed Buy Back product. It allows our customers to get on with growing their businesses efficiently and profitably.”

There are some conditions, of course. For example, if the customer chooses to trade or hand back the truck, it must meet the Fair Wear and Tear conditions.

Be sure to call 1300 243 052 or visit for more information. Daimler Truck Financial Services also offers a suite of other finance options that have been developed specifically for business customers.

These include an Asset Loan, Asset-Hire Purchase, Operating Lease and Finance Lease.

The customer can choose from a wide variety of financial products tailored to their business requirements.

The Daimler range of commercial vehicles.

Daimler Truck Financial Services understands how busy customers are and have developed a service called Fast Track Finance that makes finance approvals a far less time-consuming process.

The Fast Track finance program gives customers the convenience of a streamlined credit approval process with no need for income verification.

As a specialised truck financier, Daimler Truck Financial Services makes it easier and faster to obtain credit on Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner or Fuso truck for up to $350,000.

Knowing its customers and the logistics business is key at Daimler Truck Financial Services, says Craig.

“We are a truly customer-focused organisation that puts our truck customers at the centre of everything we do,” he says. “Our position as a standalone finance company focused solely on trucks means we can serve our truck customers better than anyone.”

Daimler Trucks covers all segments of the road freight industry in Australia with advanced solutions across the light, medium and heavy-duty segments supported by a vast dealership network.

Japan’s Fuso range starts off with the iconic Canter, which has been helping Australians get the job done for more than 50 years and moves up to the larger Euro 6 Fighter and Shogun models.

Last year, it became the first truckmaker with an original equipment manufacturer all-electric truck with the eCanter, which is now in service with Australia Post, Centurion, Lion and Bunnings.

It has also lead the market by making advanced safety features standard across the light-, medium- and heavy-duty truck classes, as well as on its recently updated Fuso light bus.

Freightliner builds America’s best-selling heavy-duty truck, the Cascadia, which is now winning over Australians.

It is the only bonneted truck with fully integrated advanced safety technology and also features the advanced Detroit engine and transmission package that make it a fuel economy champion.

Able to optimise economy using GPS and topographical information to ensure the truck is always in the right gear, the Cascadia is proving its efficiency around Australia, while raising comfort levels with a range of comfortable sleeper cabs starting off with 36-inches through to a cavernous 60-inch option.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers a range of technically advanced models from the Atego medium duty urban expert and Econic waste hauler through to the Arocs and Actros heavy-duty leaders.

The Actros is a common sight on Australian highways thanks to it legendary efficiency, comfort and advanced safety features.

Highlights include latest generation engine and transmission technology, including the range-topping 13-litre and 16-litre six-cylinders are a key strength, along with a clever 12-speed fully-automated transmission (AMT).

Actros models are at the front of the pack with features such as the Multimedia Cockpit, which features two 10-inch high-resolution screens that ensure all the information and control a driver could need is at their fingertips.