Agenda Day at Freight 2011

The conclusion of Freight Week 2011 will see Freight Agenda Day. Hosted by the National Transport Commission (NTC), it will examine the national land freight strategy. Philip Lovel AM, CEO of the Victorian Transport Association, highlights the importance of Freight Agenda Day, “The whole freight agenda impacts very heavily on businesses. This is your opportunity to understand where your world is going.”

He continued, “Australia’s road, rail and seaports are experiencing enormous growth pressure. Congestion of roads is a major issue in our cities. Governments are struggling to find the money to improve transport systems and to meet other commitments to their communities.”

Mr Lovel said restrictions on the use of existing freight infrastructure, along with urban encroachment on existing transport routes, are compounding the problem. Environmental and safety concerns also play a major part. No one party or Government holds the key, and it will be essential that a co-operative national approach to a land transport network to be established.

Freight Agenda Day will debate the national challenges for the freight sector, illustrated with industry case studies, facilitated discussions and panel sessions. The day is intended to give participants a fresh perspective on the opportunities for a more collaborative national approach to moving freight in Australia.
Program highlights include presentations from:
·       Edward O’Donohue MLC, Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Transport
·       Michael Deegan, Infrastructure Coordinator, Infrastructure
·       Facilitated discussions and audience participation, turning problems into solutions
·       Terry Garwood, Executive Director, Freight Logistics and Marine, Victorian Department of Transport
·       Nick Dimopoulos, CEO, National Transport Commission

“Freight Agenda Day will bring the high level planning and apply it to everyday business. This session is important for all levels of this industry to find out what the future will bring,” Mr Lovel concluded.

Freight Week 2011 is hosted by the Victorian Transport Association and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce. It is being held from Monday 5th to Friday 9th September 2011 at the Melbourne Park Function Centre (Tennis Centre).

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