Action Mining Services invests in Hino/Allison package

Perth-based mine engineering company Action Mining Services has taken delivery of 140 new Hino trucks all fitted with Allison 3500R automatic transmissions.

According to Action Mining Services Business Development Manager, Barry Cook, the Allison automatic is perfect for working in the demanding environment across outback Australia.

“Action had historically purchased Hinos, but we felt it was time to widen our view and make sure we were specifying the best truck package for the job,” he said.

“As it turned out, the spec for the Hino 500 series with an Allison automatic was the truck that was best suited to the task. It carries two tonnes more than its nearest competitor, and in a water truck, that's an extra 2000 liters (528 gal) we can get on the ground where it's needed before a refill.

“The Allison automatic offers some significant advantages in a mine environment that makes it the ideal choice for the vehicles we are selling.

“The trucks are often loaded to maximum GVM particularly in water tank mode, and the Allison automatic delivers better starting torque and climbing ability with the often quite steep grades out of the mine pits, thanks to the torque multiplication that is delivered by the Allison torque converter.”

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