ACFS introduces five new Actros 2653 units in Melbourne

Mercedes-Benz Actros prime movers.

ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) have introduced five new prime movers to its Melbourne fleet.

The new Euro 6 Mercedes-Benz Actros 2653s are part of a much larger order with another five units scheduled to arrive soon.

In addition to this the business recently purchased ten Fuso Shoguns rated to 70 tonnes for its special requirement in Brisbane.

The Shoguns arrivals are split between six 510s and four 460hp trucks.

The new Actros 2653s have also been beefed up to a 90-tonne rating so they can pull Super B combinations on accounts for the likes of Bunnings and Kmart.

ACFS National Fleet Manager Alan Guest said Daimler Truck provided unrivalled customer support across the entire service arena.

“Daimler delivers for us total support across our business. They listen to what you want,” he said.

“We’re very happy with the whole arrangement. The relationship with Brock McGarity [Velocity Truck Centre SEQ Sales Manager] is brilliant.

“And the drivers love the trucks.”

The more environmentally friendly Euro 6 rated prime movers will be coupled with new sets of high productivity vehicle trailers to maximise four TEUs per delivery.

This will play a major role in expediting the carbon emission reduction strategy being pursued by the business.

Fleet regeneration of this ilk fits under ACFS’s 3 Pillar Policy, an initiative born in 2017 by Managing Director & CEO Arthur Tzaneros.

The five-year vision outlines a plan to double the size of the business while decreasing the number of trucks used on the road.

As an optimisation strategy, the 3 Pillar Policy is focused on maximising 4 TEUs per delivery using HPVs — a truck and two trailers as opposed to a single trailer that holds between one and two TEUs.

Over the last three years, ACFS has had a significant increase in volume and achieved its growth plan while delivering on the commitment to carbon emission reduction by removing 25 per cent of trucks within the ACFS fleet off the road.

“ACFS is continually looking for new innovative technologies designed to reduce its carbon footprint but the best solution ACFS has delivered comes from maximising the multimodal strategy,” said the company in an online statement.

Guest said the utilisation of these new prime movers enables more efficient processes as to rear dock loading/unloading, improved TEU utilisation and maximising carrying capacity.

“The trucks are transferred nationally between sites. In that regard, there’s no silo mentality in regards to the fleet,” he said.

“My trucks can go to any state. We’ve got that crucial versatility.”

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