A trucking company with no trucks

Providing medium-duty and heavy-duty truck transport services for truck manufacturers and importers and their dealer networks in every capital city of Australia, href=”http://www.truckmoves.com.au”>Truck Moves Australia is responsible for hundreds of on-time deliveries per week, Australia-wide.

Importers, manufacturers, dealers, body builders, truck auctioneers, leasing companies, mining and industrial services trust in the family-owned business to handle the delivery of vehicles across the country – outsourcing the time-consuming organisation process as well as the actual transport of both staff and vehicle. 

“For our clientele it is far more efficient to use our service than to deliver a vehicle themselves. It’s the faster and cheaper alternative to doing it all in house, that’s why the biggest names in the industry have been choosing Truck Moves as the supplier of choice for 25 years,” says Truck Moves’ owner, Matt Whitnall.

“We operate a truly national service and offer same day pickup for a delivery going across the street or across the country. There’s not a truck manufacturer, fleet operator, body builder that we haven’t been dealing with at some point.

“By default we deliver stress management, peace of mind and a daily pickup service all in one. By the time you add up all the costs to organise a qualified driver, wait for them to turn up, provide adequate insurance coverage, organise flights or transport, make the calls to all involved, calculate the cost of a manager’s time as an hourly rate and pay all the travel, accommodation and return travel, super, payroll taxes and so on, you could’ve have quoted, sold or even built a truck,” he adds.

According to Matt, Truck Moves make hundreds of deliveries a week, making it one of the most experienced companies in the industry. “We’ve been at it the longest and I believe we have really innovated the way to handle truck transports; positioning us as a broad, reliable, safe and trustworthy service for anyone needing to move a commercial vehicle.

“In that sense, our drivers are our real strength,” he adds. With over 125 casually employed on and off, he’s unashamedly picky about who he hires.

“I don’t even talk to the young guys under 45 but focus on staff over the age of 50. These are the guys that have worked for the big logistics companies, they have carted steel, moved stock, some are ex-army logistics experts, and many have a police or fire service background. They’re seen as too old for the modern day freight industry, but they’re exactly the sort of guys that we hire. The guys have got plenty of experience and are happy to have a job and it keeps them active.

“After a lifetime spent handling freight – and the pressure that comes with it – they relish the chance to gently cruise up the highway in the latest and greatest trucks.”

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