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We have been seeking positive industry coverage in mainstream media for a long time now, critically observing the host of sensationalist stories aired on television today. But at last an item has appeared that gives us cause for celebration.

One of the TV programs that has attracted some ire from the industry in the past is A Current Affair, a show that has seemingly done its utmost to paint a less than positive image of the trucking industry and its people. Ironically, it was the same show that recently focused on the fact that there are some very responsible people in road transport.The segment titled ‘Truck Widows’ highlighted the fact that “truckies get a bad rap when it comes to roads safety” and pointed out that in many accidents, it is heavy vehicle drivers who risk or lose their own lives in order to save others, usually motorists who do the wrong thing.

The show spoke at length to women who had lost their husbands in incidents and pointed out they have done much to help others. It then concentrated on the work these people do with the Trans-Help Foundation to assist families who have lost loved ones or have to deal with on-going problems resulting from job-related injuries.

The show also highlighted the work done by Trans-Help to monitor driver health by offering check-ups at truck stops across the country, and the fact that there is a growing need for medical consultation and treatment in general.

Unfortunately, those on the road are usually unlikely to see a doctor, so it’s safe to say the checks done by Trans-Help volunteers are saving lives, and they certainly contribute to higher safety levels on our roads and highways as well.

A Current Affair took the line that there is much going on behind the scenes in the road transport industry to lower risks and improve safety, and sometimes the emotional scenes in the program showed a real passion for doing so. We congratulate the producers for the story content and the positive approach to demonstrating trucking has a real concern for safety and those behind the wheel are far from the old image of rogues and speedsters.

Over time, our industry, at all levels, has introduced so many strategies to improve safety across all aspects of operations. There is a real story here and it is good to see that message so positively displayed.

Safety comes at a considerable investment, and transport companies have not shied away from putting big dollars into seeking positive results. These actions are usually overlooked and disregarded by mainstream media, which seem to be keen to depict sensational stories only.

Yet even some of the smallest companies are doing wonderful work in promoting safety through a range of initiatives designed to deliver those positive results desired by all.

Let’s face it, when trucks go out on the road, they are there to do a job and the express aim is to have them return without incident of any kind. A Current Affair showed a positive side to the industry and, for once, highlighted that those behind the wheel are professional people.


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