A New Beginning

Since our 2013 conference, we as an Association and as an industry have had a year of significant change and development. An impressive list of keynote speakers delivered a wide variety of important updates from key Government and industry bodies, inspirational addresses and strategic business advice to assist delegates in all aspects of their businesses.

One of the highlights of our conference is the annual NatRoad Parliament session that discusses and adopts the policy position of the National Road Transport Association in a number of areas of importance to the road transport sector.

Once again a solid 28 resolutions were adopted by members, which will form our strategic policy program over the next 12 months.

Key resolutions adopted include:

• That the National Road Transport Association requests the NHVR to remove the requirement for access permits for all tow trucks.
• That the National Road Transport Association calls for consistency between jurisdictions in the implementation of mass limit and accreditation schemes.
• That the National Road Transport Association does not support IAP and calls for the development of alternative voluntary route assurance schemes.
• That the National Road Transport Association supports the formation of a Defects Clearance Tribunal to challenge and clear defects.
• That the National Road Transport Association ensures that permits issued by RMS are recognised by Police and encourage a greater sharing of information.
• The National Road Transport Association is to address broad based concern about inconsistent interpretation and application of infringements and defects by various regulatory authorities.
• That the National Road Transport Association approach the NHVR to set up a review process for fines, infringements and breaches.
• That the National Road Transport Association develops a strategy, to be approved by the Council, that addresses the need for a:
• National Road Freight Ministerial Advisory Council; and
• Renegotiation of new IGA to re-define the financial relationships between the Commonwealth, State/Territories, and Industry given the unresolved establishment, transitional and ongoing costs following the stalled Phase 2 launch of the NHVR on 10 February 2014.

The Conference attracted a record number of sponsors and exhibitors, who participated in this year’s conference providing delegates with the opportunity to speak directly with suppliers, network with like-minded individuals and also allowing exhibitors to showcase their products at a key transport industry event.

Sponsors participated in events including the annual MaxiTRANS and Thermo King Auction Dinner, which was again a great success, with many fantastic items donated from various conference sponsor’s and exhibitors.  The Cummins and PACCAR & PACCAR Dealer Group Gala Dinner saw an exciting closing event to the 2014 Conference, with entertainment from comedian Dave Thornton, as well as a fantastic commentary from our MC Max ‘Tangles’ Walker.

NatRoad’s three award recipients for 2014 presented at the National Transport Insurance Awards luncheon, Aaron Busk, Laura Kennedy and Ben Sparrow represent great achievement within the road transport industry. Aaron Busk from Tytec Logistics won the award for Professional Driver of the Year, while it was Laura Kennedy from Toll who received the Transport Youth Award, and Ben Sparrow from SRV Roadfreight Services who took home the Excellence in Operations Support Award.

The most prestigious Ted Pickering memorial award, went to Richard ‘Dick’ Kyle from ATCC Pty Ltd. Dick was the well deserving recipient for his outstanding contribution to the Australian road freight industry.

If you wish to obtain further information about the resolutions adopted at the conference or any other information about the conference please contact our Secretariat. I look forward to seeing everyone again in Brisbane, in 2015.

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