$20 million Bruce Highway upgrade

Work is to begin on the Bruce Highway near Gin Gin on two multi-million dollar improvement projects, one to the north of the town at Back Creek Range and the other just south of the town.

Both these projects are part of the capital works program commissioned by the Australian Government shortly after coming to office in late 2007.

The first will straighten and improve the southern approach to Gin Gin, eliminating sharp curves and steep inclines along a 1.6 kilometre stretch of the highway. It will also upgrade the intersection with the Bundaberg–Gin Gin Road.

According to the Government, the $20 million project will improve safety and deliver smoother driving conditions for more than 5,000 motorists and truck drivers who use this part of the Bruce every day.

The second project will straighten a 3.7 kilometre section of the highway located 24 kilometres north of Gin Gin at Back Creek Range, including what locals refer to as the ‘Big Dipper’. In addition, a new southbound overtaking lane and rest areas will be installed.

The Government expects work to start early next year on straightening the highway between Cabbage Tree Creek and Carmen’s Road. Both stages jointly funded by the Federal ($80 million) and Queensland  Governments ($20 million).

A further $2 million in funding to deliver safety improvements at the Bruce Highway and Marrawing Road intersection, just south of Benaraby, has also been approved.

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